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Aviar DX
Aviar DX
Our price: $8.99
3 Disc Value Disc Golf Starter Set
Leopard DX
Leopard DX
Our price: $8.99
Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag
Fade Gear Lite Disc Golf Bag
Fade Gear Lite Disc Golf Bag
Our price: $19.99
Valkyrie Champion
Valkyrie Champion
Our price: $14.99
Katana - Blizzard Champion
Katana - Blizzard Champion
Our price: $14.99
Dragon DX
Dragon DX
Our price: $8.99
Small Axe Highlights Disc Golf LED - 3 Pack
Innova Backsaver Disc Golf Strap

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Meteor Elite-Z Glow
No. 1 Driver Glow
Nuke SS Titanium
PD S-Line - Freak Stamp
The Discraft Meteor Elite-Z Glow is a slightly under-stable mid-range/approach disc that offers great glide. According to Discraft, the Meteor "delivers steady, controlled turnovers with a lot of glide... even at slower speeds". This disc can also be... more
The Lightning #1 Driver is a slightly overstable driver that provides great distance, good glide, and easy control, making it a great for beginners (especially at lighter weights). This disc also ages into a good roller, making it very versatile. See for... more
The Nuke SS ("Super Straight") adds to the Nuke legacy with a touch of understability that allows lower-powered throwers to gain the sought-after Nuke distance. For experts, the Nuke SS will be more of a tailwind or roller driver, whereas most throwers will... more
The Discmania Power Driver (PD) is a fast and stable driver which is very resistant to the wind. The PD is particularily good for stable power shots, side-arm, overhand throws, and long flex shots for experienced players. Lighter weights, especially 150... more
Our price: $16.99
Market price: $19.99 save 15%

Our price: $10.99
Market price: $11.99 save 8%

Our price: $19.99
Market price: $21.99 save 9%

Our price: $17.99
Market price: $19.99 save 10%

PDGA Rulebook 2013 + Competition Manual
Procul Tasty - Soupy stamp
Resistor Neutron
Sidewinder Champion Tie-dye
This essential item is two books in one! One side contains the complete rules of disc golf (a must for any player) and the other side contains the official competition manual. This great booklet delivers a lot of value for a small price. This PDGA... more
The first disc from UB Hand Candy is the Tasty Procul, this is a fast, high speed under-stable, low speed stable driver in a transparent plastic with a great grip and an ergonomic feel. The manufactured dome on this disc helps contribute to the low speed... more
The Resistor is MVP's take on the straight-stable fairway driver. That's right... mythical Teebird territory! Early reports indicate this will go down as one of the tastiest MVP releases yet, with a solid performance in a crucial bag slot.Neutron Plastic is... more
The Sidewinder, introduced in December 2004, is an understable distance driver that has more glide than any other Innova Champion disc. This disc is great for backhand players who are looking for an understable driver, or for any player looking for a great... more
Our price: $4.99

Our price: $18.99

Our price: $18.99
Market price: $20.99 save 10%

Our price: $18.99
Market price: $21.99 save 14%

Skeeter DX
Small Axe Highlights Disc Golf LED - 3 Pack
Small Axe Mini Disc Golf Basket and 4 Puck Bundle
Small Axe Puck (Soft) Mini Set
The Skeeter DX, introduced in August 2006, is an excellent all-around mid-range golf disc, with a neutral flight path. We liken this small-diameter disc to a panther (or a Goblin with more glide), although slightly more "domey". When thrown with a... more
This 3-pack of Small Axe Highlights multi-function LED lights is the perfect solution for night play. Our tests show these to have a battery life of over 24 hours continuous use. Light modes on single-color models include Solid, Quick Flash, and Slow Flash.... more
The Small Axe Mini Basket and Puck Bundle is the perfect way to experience the joy, fun and excitement of mini disc golf along with the sport's hottest new mini discs! This awesome bundle features one (1) sharp-looking Gold all-metal DGA mini basket with a... more
This Puck has a soft spot for you. Small Axe Disc Co., being total golf disc plastic geeks, decided that no disc brand should be without a signature Soft Edition plastic. These are a welcome addition to the Small Axe family and a must-have for any Small Axe... more
Our price: $8.99
Market price: $9.99 save 10%

Our price: $6.99
Market price: $11.99 save 42%

Our price: $124.99

Our price: $5.99

Stiletto Gold Line
UB Disc Golf Hoodie - Snow
UB Disc Golf Snapback Hat (Two-tone)
Valkyrie Champion
Don't let the name fool you, this disc is not to be thrown while wearing heels. Latitude 64 took a stab at creating the most overstable disc they could dream of and they did not dissapoint. The Stiletto is the disc everyone has been waiting for from... more
Keep warm this winter with UB Disc Golf raglan hoodie. Contrasting hood and sleeves take this fleece to a new level. This hoodie is a 7.0 oz, 55/45 cotton/polyester blend utilizing a durable split-stitch double-needle sewing throughout. A jersey-lined hood... more
The flat-billed two-one cap from UB Disc Golf that is a 70/30 acrylic/wool blend. This six-panneled hat features sewn eyelets, a green under-visor, and snapback closure. The hat is gray with color options for black or navy available.Features: more
The Valkyrie is one of Innova's fastest very-long-range driver. Super accurate. Heavier Valkyries are great into the wind, and lighter models get extreme range downwind. Still one of the most popular discs.Features:
  • Speed 9
  • Glide... more
  • Our price: $16.99
    Market price: $18.99 save 11%

    Our price: $49.99

    Our price: $29.99

    Our price: $14.99
    Market price: $16.99 save 12%

    Vector Eclipse Glow Proton
    MVP takes their revolutionary Eclipse Glow to the Vector overstable midrange! Inside the white outer rim is a dense concentration of glow material. The Vector is a revolution in midrange drivers. Its unique construction lends a sci-fi look and performance... more
    Our price: $21.99
    Market price: $22.99 save 4%