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Golf Discs :: Collectible Discs :: Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc - Waterloo 30th Ann.
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Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc - Waterloo 30th Ann.

Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc - Waterloo 30th Ann.

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The Discraft Ultrastar disc has set the standard for play at all levels of Ultimate for over 20 years. Anyone who has played competitive Ultimate will recognize this as the "Official Disc" of the Ultimate Players Association (UPA). This awesome disc was produced in very limited quantities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Waterloo Disc Golf Tournament in 2007. Help support an awesome club and grab a cool ultimate for your collection. Only 200 of these discs were produced and most we provided to tournament players, so grab one while you can!


  • 175 Gram Ultimate Disc
  • Awesome old-school stamp
  • Limited edition of 200 discs
    Initial Stability:
    Overstability with advanced/expert skill
    Newer players may experience up to 4x additional overstability