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Fade Gear WeatherGuard Disc Golf Backpack Strap

Fade Gear WeatherGuard Disc Golf Backpack Strap

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One would think that the opportunities for innovation in the area of add-on backpack straps would be pretty low. But, the fine folks at Fade Gear have once again proven that there is room for innovation. The Fade Gear Weatherguard Harness System (a.k.a. backpack strap) is a high-quality backpack strap with an ingenious extra - A rain cover for your bag! Thatís's right, this durable strap has a pouch that sits right above the bag that contains a lightweight nylon cover for you bag. On dry days, the WeatherGuard ô cover stays rolled up and out of the way in its zipper pouch. But, when the weather gets bad, a large nylon bag with adjustable elastic cords pops out to cover your entire bag. This is not only a convenient accessory, but we feel a serious advantage for players of all abilities.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a WeatherGuard strap to ease the strain on your back and keep all your stuff dry on those nasty days. Did we mention that this awesome strap comes with an unlimited 1-year warranty*? Well - it does!

Note: Fade Gear warranties the strap and mechanics of the WeatherGuard Nylon cover for one year, but cannot warrant the nylon cover for wear damage.


  • High Quality Metal Quick-Connect Clips
  • 4 Adjustable Straps with Caribiners
  • Thick Padding for Unsurpassed Comfort
  • Available in a Variety of Colors
  • Back-friendly Shock Absorbers