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Mid range


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Skeeter DX
Spider DX
Stingray DX
Wolf DX
The Skeeter DX, introduced in August 2006, is an excellent all-around mid-range golf disc, with a neutral flight path. We liken this small-diameter disc to a panther (or a Goblin with more glide), although slightly more "domey". When thrown with a... more
The Spider is a mid-range all purpose driver that works for hyzer, straight and turnover throws. Throw it with the nose up and it turns left, with the nose down it will turn right.Features:
  • Speed 5
  • Glide 3
  • High Speed Turn... more
  • The Stingray is an understable multi-purpose midrange disc that can be used for tight tee-shots, approaches and can even be used for long putts. It can be easily enticed into an anhyzer by releasing at an angle, and will "turn over" when thrown hard and... more
    The Wolf features Innova's unique Thumbtrac™ grip for improved control and reliability. It is a great driver for straight and turnover shots because it doesn't fade at the end of its flight. It's also an excellent long-range roller.Features:
  • Speed... more
  • Our price: $8.99
    Market price: $9.99 save 10%

    Our price: $8.99
    Market price: $9.99 save 10%

    Our price: $8.99
    Market price: $9.99 save 10%

    Our price: $8.99
    Market price: $9.99 save 10%

    Demon S-Series - Factory 2nd
    Scout S-Series - Factory 2nd
    The most over stable mid-range disc on the market. Accurate and dependable in windy conditions. The Demon is a very fast flyer with an extremely hard finish to the left, making it as predictable as any disc on the market. Great for S curve and sidearm... more
    The Scout is an over stable mid-range driver. One of the faster mid-range discs on the market with good glide at the end of it's flight. Will perform well as a mid-range sidearm disc.  Please Note: This item is a factory second. A factory second... more
    Our price: $7.99
    Market price: $9.99 save 20%

    Our price: $7.99
    Market price: $9.99 save 20%