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Accessories :: Mini Marker Discs :: Small Axe Puck & Breddah (Medium) Mini Set
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Small Axe Puck & Breddah (Medium) Mini Set

Small Axe Puck & Breddah (Medium) Mini Set

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Here it is Mon! The Small Axe Puck just got WAY better with the addition of the Breddah Expansion Ring. The Breddah, Jamaican for Brother, is an expansion ring that is used to increase the storage capacity for a Puck.

Many thousands of disc golfers know the Puck as the best interlocking mini set on the market and the only one that features a mini driver and putter that snap together. Combine them together to make the ultimate storage Puck, and add more Breddah rings to pump up the volume even more! This item contains 1 Small Axe Ratchet, 1 Small Axe Fat Bwai, and 1 Breddah Expansion Ring (Driver-to-Putter model).

The Puck and Breddah are made from food grade plastic that is also dishwasher safe, making this item ideal for snacks, dog treats, or other food items. This innovative item is also great for any use where you need a secure personal storage container. Loose change, Disc Golf LEDs, First Aid Kit, you name it. The Puck and Breddah are water-resistant and contain odors inside, creating the ultimate secure and expandable personal storage container.

Please Note: There are three (3) different Breddah designss, each designed to connect different Small Axe Minis to one another:
Driver-to-Driver - Connects two Ratchet Drivers together
Driver-to-Putter - Connects one Ratchet Driver and one Fat Bwai Putter together (most common & included in this set)
Putter-to-Putter - Connects two Fat Bwai Putters together.

Please also note that the Breddahs use the same patented interlocking lip, so multiple Breddahs can be stacked up to create even MORE storage.


  • 1 Small Axe Ratchet Driver
  • 1 Small Axe Fat Bwai Putter
  • 1 Small Axe Breddah - Driver/Putter expansion ring
  • Secure water-resistant seal between discs leaves 3/4" storage cavity
  • Ratchet features "Power Axe" stamp
  • Fat Bwai features Small Axe logo stamp