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Fade Gear Lite Disc Golf Bag
Outlaw Icon Edition - Skulboy Designs
Innova Backsaver Disc Golf Strap
Legacy Discs Towel (16in x 28in)
The Fade Lite Bag is a great lightweight bag for new players, or players who prefer to carry a smaller bag. This mighty mini-bag is designed to hold 10-12 discs, a water bottle and a socrecard and pencil. Perfect for the disc golfer on the go!The Lite Bag... more
This Skullboy Designs Outlaw is one you don't want to miss out on. This limited print gives you a closeup of a gastly gungslinger looking to cause trouble on the fairways.
The missing puzzle piece between Legacys Speed 13 distance drivers and fairway... more
The Innova Backpack Strap is an excellent accessory for players who carry large bags. This affordable strap features quick-connect clips for easy attachment to any bag that has a detachable strap. Each of the four (4) connectors has an adjustable length... more
This is a monster of a towel. Measuring in at 16inches by 28inches, this towel features a Legacy Discs Logo print. Keep your discs dry, and Throw With Confidence!Features:
  • Extra Large 16in x 28in Towel more
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    Small Axe Puck (Medium) Mini Set
    Patriot Excel Edition - Skulboy Designs
    Destroyer STAR
    Fade Gear Crunch Box Camo Disc Golf Bag
    The Small Axe Puck is a secure storage container formed by Small Axe's two interlocking mini disc models, the Ratchet Driver and Fat Bwai Putter. The discs lock together using a patent-pending design for a tight and secure fit that is unmatched, with a... more
    The Patriot is Legacy's 2nd Fairway Driver design, and occupies one of the rarest and most useful slots in the smart bag -- the understable control driver. This disc is made to respond to power, angle, and wind conditions to carve lines through fairways.... more
    The STAR Destroyer (released in August 2007) is a super fast overstable power disc golf driver for hard-throwing players looking for maximum distance. The Destroyer is so fast, that it is Innova's first ever disc with a speed rating of 12. The Destroyer is... more
    The FADE Crunch Box is a great disc golf bag with a funny name. This durable and fine-looking bag is designed to hold 10-12 discs, and comes in a slew of eye-catching colors. According to the manufacturer just owning one will let you tell people you ACE at... more
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    2010 Vibram Open DVD (2 Discs)
    Fade Gear Third Leg Disc Golf Stool
    M1 300 Series
    Legacy Discs Beanie

    An exciting and entertaining 2-Disc set of the 2010 Vibram Open, including Highlights from round 1 and complete coverage of rounds 2 & 3.Tons of... more
    The FADE Gear Third Leg is a new twist on the old camping stool. If you've spent enough time on the "compact" stools out there, you'll appreciate the knees-friendly high ride of the Third Leg. With 19-inch tripod legs, the Third Leg is made for a quick... more
    The M1 by Prodigy Disc is an overstable midrange that will hold up in any type of wind. It fits nicely in the hand and will fly true into a headwind, which is something any type of player can use on a windy day.
    The 300 Series plastic is an outstanding... more
    Stay Warm and Throw With Confidence while sporting your Legacy Discs Beanie!Features:
  • Durable plastic, outstanding grip, and loaded full of Sparkle
  • Produced by Pros Steve and Bamba Rico more
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    Our price: $16.99

    Thunderbird Champion - 3x McBeth Signature
    Surge SS Elite-Z Lite
    Micro Fiber Towel (16 x 12)
    8 Disc Premium Deluxe Disc Golf Starter Set
    The Thunderbird is now available in the super popular Champion Jolly Launcher plastic featuring the Paul McBeth 3x World Champion Signature. The Thunderbird helped Paul secure his 2014 title.The Thunderbird comes from strong bloodlines. The stability of a... more
    The Surge SS Elite-Z is a fast and moderately overstable disc golf driver that provides excellent control and glide. This disc has a 1.6 stability rating, which makes it a hair less stable than its brother the Surge, making it a good driver for new players... more
    The only thing worse than playing wet weather is playing in wet weather without a towel to dry off your discs. This stylish 16 X 12 inch microfiber towel is perfect for any disc golfer. This high-quality towel made from a soft, absorbant, and quick-drying... more
    The Premium Plastic Deluxe Grab-n-Go 8 disc set features 8 of our best-selling beginner-friendly discs, plus a great-looking bag, Microfiber towel, Small Axe Chuckers Chalk, and a mini disc. This bundle includes 5 drivers of differing stabilities, 2 highly... more
    Our price: $14.99
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    Our price: $14.99
    Market price: $16.99 save 12%

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    Pocket Disc Sport - Rasta Peace Sign
    Looking for fun on the run? Then the Pocket Disc is perfect for you. This great disc is woven from 100% cotton and folds up small to fit in a backpack, pocket, or any small place. This great flyer pops open for instant fun anywhere you want to throw.... more
    Our price: $16.99
    Market price: $18.99 save 11%