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Buzzz OS Elite-Z - 1st Run
Claymore Opto line
Thief Lucid
Jun Phoenix Line
Don't miss your chance to grab a Limited Edition 1st Run Buzzz OS Elite-Z! Discraft fans have been clamoring for the Buzzz OS for years and it is finally here! The Buzzz OS will work perfectly as an overstable compliment to the classic straight... more
The Claymore has a small dome and comfortable grip combined with a neutral flight that will suit most players. Compared to existing Latitude molds it will be slightly more overstable than the very popular Fuse. Latitude's Opto Line plastic is very durable... more
a. The Thief is a versatile fairway driver that will benefit players of all skill levels. With the stable flight path and glide, the Thief will be a fairway workhorse for every bag. For slower arms, the Thief will be an overstable complement to the Witness.... more
The Jun is a slightly stable distance driver from Yikun Disc Golf. It has the high speed and steady glide needed to match for any conditions or shots. In addition, it is able to get through obstacles like trees.
The Phoenix line plastic is known for... more
Our price: $19.99

Our price: $11.99
Market price: $16.99 save 29%

Our price: $11.99
Market price: $16.99 save 29%

Our price: $13.99
Market price: $18.99 save 26%

Felon Lucid - 1st Run
Tesla Proton
Reign Liquid Metal - John E McCray Signature
H1 750 Series
The Felon is the wind-fighting fairway driver that every bag needs. Rip it hard into strong winds and it will alway have a nice hard fade. It is perfect for big hyzers and the comfortable profile makes it perfect for big forehand shots.The Felon is molded... more
The Tesla's responsive design balances a subtle turn and reliable fade, while a pronounced glide and forward finish gain extra distance. The Tesla extends high power or headwind lines and has plenty of bite to fade back reliably and reduce lateral drift.... more
The Reign is most overstable distance driver by Salient Discs. Made for fan-favorite professional disc golfer John E McCray, it is reliable disc that can be thrown into any wind and always fly as predicted. Designed to be thrown by higher power players for... more
The H1 ushers in a new breed of hybrid control drivers for Prodigy Discs. Designed for maximum overstability in flight, the H1 will fight any wind and always fade hard at the end of the flight. Perfect for big spike hyzers or high-power forehand lines, the... more
Our price: $22.99

Our price: $13.99
Market price: $19.99 save 30%

Our price: $19.99

Our price: $21.99
Market price: $23.99 save 8%

Clash Proton
Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag
Saint Pro Opto Line
Dae Phoenix Line
The Clash is designed to be the perfect line-shaping fairway driver from Axiom Discs. The Clash is perfect for players of all levels, allowing you a full range of flights. Simply put -- It opens up more lines on the fairway. The comfortable rim also makes... more
The FADE Crunch Box is a great disc golf bag with a funny name. This durable and fine-looking bag is designed to hold 10-12 discs, and comes in a slew of eye-catching colors. According to the manufacturer just owning one will let you tell people you ACE at... more
The Saint Pro is a more stable verison of the popular Saint. "Pro" is the terminology used by Latitude 64 for the added stability, and not the plastic type. The Saint Pro will offer considerably more fade at the end of the throw. You can crank it into... more
The Dae is a ultra-fast overstable distance driver from Yikun Disc Golf. The mega-wide rim offers a comfortable and deep grip. Great for windy conditions and big forehand distance shots.
The Phoenix line plastic is known for its outstanding durability... more
Our price: $12.99
Market price: $19.99 save 35%

Our price: $39.99
Market price: $44.99 save 11%

Our price: $15.99
Market price: $16.99 save 6%

Our price: $13.99
Market price: $18.99 save 26%

Yao Phoenix Line
Truth Moonshine Glow
Fade Gear Third Leg Disc Golf Stool
Tern Champion
The Yao is a very reliable midrange, with a straight flight path and solid fade at the end. The comfortable profile of the midrange makes it easy to control. The Yao is ideal for both beginners and pros as a go-to stable midrange.
The Phoenix line... more
The Truth is a very true, straight flying midrange that fits comfortably in the hand and is easy for players of all skill levels to throw. It is a do-it-all midrange that can carve up any mid range shot you can dream up
Moonshine plastic is the same... more
The FADE Gear Third Leg is a new twist on the old camping stool. If you've spent enough time on the "compact" stools out there, you'll appreciate the knees-friendly high ride of the Third Leg. With 19-inch tripod legs, the Third Leg is made for a quick... more
The Tern is a high-speed control driver for anyone. Its balance of -2 Turn and +2 Fade allow for a variety of medium to strong throws with a predictable S-curve movement. Advanced throwers will find that a good snap will make the Tern work with a wide range... more
Our price: $13.99
Market price: $18.99 save 26%

Our price: $19.99

Our price: $36.99

Our price: $14.99
Market price: $16.99 save 12%

Small Axe Puck Chains for Brains (Medium) Mini Set
Micro Fiber Towel (16 x 12)
Skill Shot Collapsable Disc Golf Target
Pocket Disc Sport - Rasta Peace Sign
The Small Axe Puck is now the zombie approved device for storing your brains on the course! All kidding aside, this Small Axe Puck features two Chains for Brains stamps. On the Ratchet driver is the "Chains for Brains" stamp and the Fat Bwai features the... more
The only thing worse than playing wet weather is playing in wet weather without a towel to dry off your discs. This stylish 16 X 12 inch microfiber towel is perfect for any disc golfer. This high-quality towel made from a soft, absorbant, and quick-drying... more
Those of you looking for a lightweight, portable, collapsible, full-sized, affordable target - look no further! The Innova Skill Shot (formerly Ching Skillshot) target features a revolutionary lightweight design that is perfect for home use or as a... more
Looking for fun on the run? Then the Pocket Disc is perfect for you. This great disc is woven from 100% cotton and folds up small to fit in a backpack, pocket, or any small place. This great flyer pops open for instant fun anywhere you want to throw.... more
Our price: $5.99

Our price: $5.99
Market price: $9.99 save 40%

Our price: $139.99
Market price: $149.99 save 7%

Our price: $16.99
Market price: $18.99 save 11%

8 Disc Premium Deluxe Disc Golf Starter Set
The Premium Plastic Deluxe Grab-n-Go 8 disc set features 8 of our best-selling beginner-friendly discs, plus a great-looking bag, Microfiber towel, Small Axe Chuckers Chalk, and a mini disc. This bundle includes 5 drivers of differing stabilities, 2 highly... more
Our price: $154.99
Market price: $185.88 save 17%