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Impulse Neutron
Atlas XT
Small Axe Disc Golf Tee - Rasta
Ghost Sparkle Line (2014 US Masters)
The Impulse is perfect for reliable hyzerflips with endless glide. High-power throwers will find useful utility and tailwind lines, while players from medium to low power will find an increasingly easy-to-throw long driver.Neutron Plastic is MVP's much... more
The Atlas mid-range features a two-part molding process that allows them to meld together the flight plate and rim. This disc combines a soft Pro rim surrounded by a firmer Pro plate. The Atlas features four "compass points" located on the underside of the... more
This shirt features the Small Axe logo in Rasta colors.This 5.4 oz 100% cotton short-sleeved T-shirt is available in black fabric. Please Note: Due to materials cost, sizes larger than XL have a higher price.Features:
  • "Small Axe"... more
  • The popular Ghost is now available in the limited Sparkle Line plastic as a fundraiser for the 2014 US Masters in Tulsa Oklahoma. The juicy Sparkle plastic is a premium blend featuring outstanding grip, durability and you guessed it -... more
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    Witness Lucid
    Trespass Moonshine Glow
    Saint Pro Opto Line
    Alias Proton
    The Witness is an understable distance driver with outstanding glide. A great accuracy driver for lower power arms, you can rip it on a hyzer and watch it flip up flat. Bigger arm will want to use this disc for longer tunovers and rollers.The Witness is... more
    The Trespass is a wide-rim high speed overstable driver with a precision control and maximum distance. A very accurate long driver - a must for the arsenal. Moonshine plastic is the same durabilty and grip as Opto Line but with added glow... more
    The Saint Pro is a more stable verison of the popular Saint. "Pro" is the terminology used by Latitude 64 for the added stability, and not the plastic type. The Saint Pro will offer considerably more fade at the end of the throw. You can crank it into... more
    The Alias is a straight-flying placement midrange similar to the popular Tangent, but with a bit more high-speed stability. This point-and-shoot midrange has the ability to lock into straight lines and hyzers, as well as pan out of high anhyzer shots and... more
    Our price: $15.99
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    Our price: $19.99

    Our price: $15.99
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    Orc GStar
    Truth Moonshine Glow
    Fade Gear Third Leg Disc Golf Stool
    Small Axe Puck Chains for Brains (Medium) Mini Set
    The Orc is similar to the Valkyrie and Beast (all are based on the same mold), but provides more stability than its cousins, making it a preferred choice for forehand players and bigger arms. The Orc is designed to provide more stability than the Valk in... more
    The Truth is a very true, straight flying midrange that fits comfortably in the hand and is easy for players of all skill levels to throw. It is a do-it-all midrange that can carve up any mid range shot you can dream up
    Moonshine plastic is the same... more
    The FADE Gear Third Leg is a new twist on the old camping stool. If you've spent enough time on the "compact" stools out there, you'll appreciate the knees-friendly high ride of the Third Leg. With 19-inch tripod legs, the Third Leg is made for a quick... more
    The Small Axe Puck is now the zombie approved device for storing your brains on the course! All kidding aside, this Small Axe Puck features two Chains for Brains stamps. On the Ratchet driver is the "Chains for Brains" stamp and the Fat Bwai features the... more
    Our price: $17.99
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    Our price: $36.99

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    Micro Fiber Towel (16 x 12)
    Skill Shot Collapsable Disc Golf Target
    Pocket Disc Sport - Rasta Peace Sign
    8 Disc Premium Deluxe Disc Golf Starter Set
    The only thing worse than playing wet weather is playing in wet weather without a towel to dry off your discs. This stylish 16 X 12 inch microfiber towel is perfect for any disc golfer. This high-quality towel made from a soft, absorbant, and quick-drying... more
    Those of you looking for a lightweight, portable, collapsible, full-sized, affordable target - look no further! The Innova Skill Shot (formerly Ching Skillshot) target features a revolutionary lightweight design that is perfect for home use or as a... more
    Looking for fun on the run? Then the Pocket Disc is perfect for you. This great disc is woven from 100% cotton and folds up small to fit in a backpack, pocket, or any small place. This great flyer pops open for instant fun anywhere you want to throw.... more
    The Premium Plastic Deluxe Grab-n-Go 8 disc set features 8 of our best-selling beginner-friendly discs, plus a great-looking bag, Microfiber towel, Small Axe Chuckers Chalk, and a mini disc. This bundle includes 5 drivers of differing stabilities, 2 highly... more
    Our price: $5.99
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    Discraft Tournament Disc Golf Bag
    25-inch Disc Golf Towel
    This bag's main compartment holds 12 discs. Outside, this bag sports a front putter pocket and a rear utility zippered compartment along with a pouch to secure the opened top flap, one large side-mounted zipper-enclosed pouch, and an insulated beverage... more
    The only thing worse than playing wet weather is playing in wet weather without a towel to dry off your discs. This 16 X 25 inch towel is perfect for any bag. It comes with a heavy-duty grommet and standard golf towel clip, and is tri-folded with a corner... more
    Our price: $44.99
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    Our price: $6.99
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