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3 Disc Premium Disc Golf Starter Set

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Bundles :: Disc & Bag Packs :: 3 Disc Premium Disc Golf Starter Set
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3 Disc Premium Disc Golf Starter Set

3 Disc Premium Disc Golf Starter Set

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The Premium Plastic Grab-n-Go 3 disc set features 3 of our best-selling beginner-friendly discs, plus a great-looking bag and a mini disc. This bundle includes the an Ultra-long Driver for tee shots and long approaches, a high-accuracy mid-range for approach shots and getting out of tight spots, and a straight-flying Putter for "lights out" putting. All of these popular discs come in extremely durable premium plastics for long life and consistent flight.

In addition to these great discs, you'll receive a Starter Bag, which features capacity for up to 10 discs and includes an adjustable shoulder strap and beverage holder, and a mini-marker disc for marking the position of your shots. Don't delay - Grab this sweet bundle and start playing disc golf today!

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  • Includes:
  • Ultra-long Driver
  • High-accuracy Mid-range
  • Putter
  • Starter Bag
  • Mini Marker Disc
  • Great for Beginners
  • Please note that the model and color of the discs & bag that are sent vary from the picture.