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Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)
Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)
Our price: $17.99
Challenger Elite-Z Glow FLX (Limited Edition)
Ruby Recycled Line
Ruby Recycled Line
Our price: $11.99
Drone Elite-Z Glow FLX (Limited Edition)
Orion LF Sirius (Factory 2nd)
Monstrum Creamy - Prototype Stamp
Reign Liquid Metal - John E McCray Signature
Force Elite-Z Sparkle - Nate Doss SC Top 10

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Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)

Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)

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The Elite-Z Crank combines intense glide with amazingly forgiving control that won't easily turn over or finish with a bite. Think of a well-seasoned Nuke, or better yet, Crank one out for yourself! This disc is made from Discraft's super-durable Elite-Z plastic. It also features a limited edition 1st Run Crank stamp.


  • Stability Rating +0.5
  • Extremely Durable Elite-Z Plastic