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Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)
Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)
Our price: $17.99
LASERi Premi (1st Run stamp)
LASERi Premi (1st Run stamp)
Our price: $13.99
Nuke ESP - 1st Run
Nuke ESP - 1st Run
Our price: $18.99
Ruby Recycled Line
Ruby Recycled Line
Our price: $11.99
Nuke SS Elite-Z - 1st Run
Nuke SS Elite-Z - 1st Run
Our price: $18.99
Drone Elite-Z Glow FLX (Limited Edition)
Flick Elite-Z - Glo (Limited Edition)
Reign Liquid Metal - John E McCray Signature
Orion LF Sirius (Factory 2nd)
Challenger Elite-Z Glow FLX (Limited Edition)

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Nuke SS Elite-Z - 1st Run

Nuke SS Elite-Z - 1st Run

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The original Nuke was released to wide critical acclaim, and now the Elite-Z Nuke SS ("Super Straight") adds to that legacy with a touch of understability that allows lower-powered throwers to gain the sought-after Nuke distance. For experts, the Nuke SS will be more of a tailwind or roller driver, whereas most throwers will simply find the SS going farther before its fade. With the widest and fastest rim allowed, the Nuke SS is a radioactive bullet!

Elite-Z plastic is Discraft's most durable, so the Elite-Z Nuke SS should lessen its overstability slowly for a long life of reliable shots.


  • Stability Rating: +1.0
  • Limited 1st Run Stamp
  • Super-Durable Elite-Z Plastic