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Our Policy on Disc Colors & Stamps
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Our Policy on Disc Colors & Stamps

Our Policy on Disc Colors & Stamps

The disc products pictured on our website are representative of the items, but are not images of the exact item you will receive. The color/appearance of the item you receive will likely vary from the image shown. If you are ordering a tie-dyed item, then the item you receive may look very different from the item pictured, as each tie-dye is a unique work of art. The images below illustrate the vast difference between typical tie-dyes. Any tie-dyed disc could resemble one of these patterns, or have a completely different look.

All items featuring a specific desirable characteristic (i.e. 1st Run or Limited Edition Stamp, Discontinued or Collectible mold or print, etc.) will have these features listed as part of the description. If you order a product that advertises a "1st Run" or other limited edition stamp, then we will send you that stamp. If, however, you order a disc that does not specify a specific stamp, you will receive the current production-run version of that item. Manufacturers change disc stamps often and we often have multiple stamps in stock at any given time for a disc. So, unless otherwise noted in the item's title or description, you may not receive the exact stamp shown.

We show one picture of a given item, but have stock in different colors at different times. The item you receive will be based on the option you select when you add it to your cart. Please take a look at our disc color and weight policy and here is some additional information on how we fill orders. If you have specific requests, then please add a note to your order at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Examples of the Variation in Tie-Dyed Discs

Please note, we've found our customers either love or hate pink, and slightly pinkish reds and purples have caused issues in the past for those who dislike pink discs. Therefore our Pink color range includes everything that could be subjectively called Pink, from cool reds (commonly "neon red" or "salmon") to light-warm pink-purple. In the center of that range you'll find the typical bubblegum and neon/hot pinks that pink plastic lovers prefer. If you are ordering a Pink disc and have specific preferences on the type or family of Pink you want, please use the Notes section at Checkout. We cannot guarantee the availability of particular colors, especially under subjective names and circumstances, but we will try to honor your preference.