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Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)
Crank Elite-Z (1st Run)
Our price: $17.99
Challenger Elite-Z Glow FLX (Limited Edition)
Ruby Recycled Line
Ruby Recycled Line
Our price: $11.99
Drone Elite-Z Glow FLX (Limited Edition)
Orion LF Sirius (Factory 2nd)
Monstrum Creamy - Prototype Stamp
Reign Liquid Metal - John E McCray Signature
Force Elite-Z Sparkle - Nate Doss SC Top 10

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Reign Liquid Metal - John E McCray Signature

Reign Liquid Metal - John E McCray Signature

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The Reign is most overstable distance driver by Salient Discs. Made for fan-favorite professional disc golfer John E McCray, it is reliable disc that can be thrown into any wind and always fly as predicted. Designed to be thrown by higher power players for max distance or big long forehand shots. This is the disc to throw when distance is the goal and the wind is up.

Liquid Metal plastic is the highest-end plastic blend by Salient Discs. The plastic features a tiny metal flakes to give a perfect shine and still retains the oustanding durability and grip of Liquid plastic.

Please Note: Salient Discs is now parterned with Yikun Sports. This alliance allows Salinet to offer the popular Yikun models under the Salient brand. As a result some Salient models may have Yikun manufacturer tooling and stickers on the bottom of Salient branded discs.


  • John E McCray Signature Edition
  • Liquid Metal Reign by Salient Discs
  • Overstable Distance Driver