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M-14 Portable Disc Golf Target
Destroyer STAR
M1 300 Series
Thunderbird Champion - 3x McBeth Signature
The M-14 is a completely portable full-sized target featuring 14 disc grabbing chains. Easy to assemble with push button locks and weighs only 25... more
The STAR Destroyer (released in August 2007) is a super fast overstable power disc golf driver for hard-throwing players looking for maximum distance. The Destroyer is so fast, that it is Innova's first ever disc with a speed rating of 12. The Destroyer is... more
The M1 by Prodigy Disc is an overstable midrange that will hold up in any type of wind. It fits nicely in the hand and will fly true into a headwind, which is something any type of player can use on a windy day.
The 300 Series plastic is an outstanding... more
The Thunderbird is now available in the super popular Champion Jolly Launcher plastic featuring the Paul McBeth 3x World Champion Signature. The Thunderbird helped Paul secure his 2014 title.The Thunderbird comes from strong bloodlines. The stability of a... more
Our price: $169.99

Our price: $16.99
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Our price: $15.99
Market price: $16.99 save 6%

Nuke ESP
Pocket Disc Sport - Rasta Peace Sign
The Nuke is a very fast over-stable distance driver featuring the widest rim legally allowed. The Nuke has delivered HUGE distance making it the longest driver for many players as of April 2010, while the 1.6 stability rating makes it more useful to a wider... more
Looking for fun on the run? Then the Pocket Disc is perfect for you. This great disc is woven from 100% cotton and folds up small to fit in a backpack, pocket, or any small place. This great flyer pops open for instant fun anywhere you want to throw.... more
Our price: $15.99
Market price: $18.99 save 16%

Our price: $16.99
Market price: $18.99 save 11%