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Banger GT
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Banger GT

Banger GT Elite-X - Soft Banger GT Elite-X - Soft: Check out the Soft Banger GT Elite-X! This disc combines the popular Banger GT mold with discraft's super-grippy soft Elite-X plastic. The Banger GT is a slightly over-stable putter that features a ~ 1 inch wide depression in the dome of the disc - a perfect resting spot for... More $10.99 6 in stock in 5 colors

Banger GT Pro-D Banger GT Pro-D: Check out the Banger GT Disc Golf putter from Discraft! This disc is the first one from Discraft to feature a contoured top. The Banger GT is made from a softer version of Discraft's Pro-D plastic (similar ot the Soft Magnet), and features a ~ 1 inch wide depression in the... More $8.99 8 in stock in 6 colors