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Eagle Champion Eagle Champion: The Eagle is one of Innova's most popular drivers among highly-skilled players. Most throwers will find a Champ Eagle difficult to throw far and straight, however it performs this shot beautifully with the help of a headwind or a power throw. It also excels at forehand... More $15.99 2 in stock in 2 colors

Eagle DX Eagle DX: The Eagle is a controllable, superior speed, long-range driver. This disc is especially good at gliding, which allow your Eagle shots to soar past your competition. Innova's most popular ultra long-range driver. Also used as a power... More $8.99 6 in stock in 5 colors

Eagle STAR Eagle STAR: The Eagle STAR (released in December 2006) is a controllable, superior speed, fairway driver. This disc, based on the "Eagle-X" mold, is specifically designed to provide the stbility needed for power approach shots and makes this disc an excellent choice for "power turn-over"... More $16.99 5 in stock in 5 colors